Our Realtor members regularly call on our affiliate members and associate professionals for their time and expertise because they’re trusted partners.

Whether you need a top accountant, experienced contractor or an expert window washer, BNAR’s affiliates members are here to help. They run their businesses just as you would, based on quality and service, which is why they have earned the trust and business of our Realtor members.

Affiliate members are also frequent and exclusive sponsors of our social and educational events. We're always looking for opportunities to connect our Affiliate members with Realtors.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsor a BNAR event, and meet our 500 members. There are many opportunities to build meaningful relationships with our Realtor members.

Call Jana Mortimer at (309) 664-5092 or [email protected] to discuss how you would like to participate in BNAR.

2019 BNAR Affiliate Opportunities